Term Membership Dues Difference - Spring 2023



Please read these instructions in its entirety prior to making your payment.


All of the information below is what gets imported into the National Active List, therefore, please ensure that all of the information inputted is correct. For questions or concerns, please email the Director of Finance at dof@justbecus.org.


Membership Status: You should indicate whether the person purchasing dues is an undergraduate (individual currently enrolled at an active undergraduate), alumna (individual who has graduated from an active undergraduate chapter), or member-at-large (individual who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate chapter not recognized by CUS or an individual who has not completed their undergraduate degree).


Membership Dues Purchase Term: Indicate the term in which membership dues are being purchased for.


Current Year: Indicate the current year of the current term.


Region: If the member is an undergraduate, they should select the region where their undergraduate chapter is located. If the member is an alumna or member-at-large, they should select the region where they currently reside.  


First and Last Name: The name of the person who will be entered on the active list and who the dues payment is for should be inputted in this section.


Email Address: The email address where the person would like to receive information and what will be added onto the active list.


Chapter: The chapter where the person joined the organization.




Note: All membership dues payments are non-refundable. 


After February 15, 2023, alumnae fees include a $5 processing fee + $30 late fee. 

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Price $35.00